Conception, tasks, description

In the process of growth, our customer faced a number of problems because several information systems began to work separately. There was a relatively low rate of data transmission between them, and a large number of errors occurred due to the use of manual work to transfer data from one system to another.

Analyzing technical requirements, we have developed the optimal business solution, which fits most into the IT landscape of the company. Our task was to develop a host of functions for automated two-way data transfer from internal customer information systems to bookkeeping and management accounting systems.

The future feature set had to include:

  • automation of manual work on information systems for accounting departments;
  • reducing the time of data transfer and validation among multiple information systems;
  • a significant reduction of the number of errors leading to problems and risks to the customer's business.
What's been done
  • Complex schemes of loading operations from internal information systems into bookkeeping and management accounting systems specified by various indicators in 250 branches of the customer's network.
  • A high-speed system has been developed to find and correct errors made during data transfer.
  • A large number of different financial and analytical reports have been made.
  • A biometric system of employees’ working time accounting has been integrated with accounting systems of personnel management along with automated data exchange on the amount of worked hours, vacations, sick leaves, absenteeism, etc.
  • A structured archival storage of documents hard copies and an instant determination of the location of a particular document have been developed.
  • To accelerate the implementation of the system, our company has developed an employee training program along with video presentations of each element of the system including a detailed explanation of each process and a description how to do certain tasks.
  • After the implementation of the project, our company provided 24/7 consulting support.
  • The speed of data transfer from the internal information system into accounting and management systems has increased by 10 times.
  • The number of critical errors has decreased as a result of the automation of the data transfer process and complete withdrawal of manual management.
  • The number of personnel has been reduced by 2 times.
  • The time frame for reporting accounting documentation into the regulatory authorities has shortened.
  • The loss of hard copies of accounting documents has decreased.

Python, Django, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, CSV, XML.

Project benchmarks
  • Unit-test coverage: 97%
  • Duration: 15 months
  • Project team: 5 developers
  • Hours spent by developers: 3.8K+
  • Number of users: 25 accountants
  • Complexity: 9 out of 10