Conception, tasks, description

Our customer, a large financial company, has decided to enter the insurance market of individuals. Due to the fact that the company was a major federal retailer of financial services and was represented in 50 regions stretching from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad, it needed a powerful tool to automate the provision of insurance services.

It was assumed that system users will be employees of different levels, ranging from ordinary specialists with only basic knowledge about the insurance process, to highly specialized professionals of the market.

Due to the large number of roles involved at various stages of the system, the main requirement was maximum automation of all processes and accounting of all cases that could occur at any stage of the system, which was to minimize the number of errors made by employees.

The main principles of the system being developed were to be:

  • a user-friendly interface that is convenient and easy to master;
  • the ability to gradually develop and implement different types of cost calculators for insurance products;
  • implementation of a document-turnover system that would ensure transparency of accountable form movement throughout its cycle;
  • integration of the new system with the company's existing information systems, including CRM, ERP, BI and AIS.
What's been done
  • During the designing phase of the system, a description of the requirements for the system and the planned process was created in a user-friendly way, including BPMN. Visual design techniques were used to develop the interface, which allowed specialists even without deep knowledge of IT to quickly master its functionality and comment on the work in the system to get the most convenient interface in the context of UX/UI.
  • A recording system of various accountable form movement has been set up. The implemented system allowed to embrace 100% of possible cases, starting with standard processes of accountable form transfer between the branches of the company and ending up with less likely accountable form defacement and loss by line employees.
  • On the basis of pre-designed drafts (wireframes), a system front end was created, which was the first to be tested by the focus group of the company's employees, and after their comments were made changes were introduced into the system and interface to ensure their full meeting of the customer’s requirements.
  • Due to its flexibility, the information system allowed to conduct insurance operations of any kind. Previously, each product could be added to the system by employees of the company's central office. The system provided the opportunity to work with any insurance products, ranging from a green card to life and property insurance.
  • We developed and implemented various calculators that allowed to calculate the cost of a number of standard products. Accountable form printing, when insurance products were designed, was done automatically.
  • As part of this project we developed a mechanism to automatically attach electronic scanned document copies to objects in the system via the electronic document recognition system, QR codes and barcodes.
  • A gateway was implemented to integrate with BI and the customer's accounting systems, facilitating the exchange of the necessary information between the back offices and the company's headquarters.
  • In addition, a reporting system was developed that allowed to see basic information and check it with data from other systems.
  • A multi-level system for calculating employee motivations for providing insurance services was implemented.
  • To accelerate the implementation of the system, our company has developed an employee training program along with video presentations of each element of the system including a detailed explanation of each process and a description how to do certain tasks
  • After the implementation of the project, our company provided 24/7 consulting support.
  • The Federal Finance Company, with more than 250 subsidiaries distributed all over Russia, was able to implement the process of providing insurance services to various segments of the population without any difficulties. Implementation of this software took no more than a week, taking into account system adjusting, debugging, fixings of non-priority bugs and cosmetic changes done to meet comments of users.
  • Thanks to a deep study of the mechanisms of the accountable form movement, the company received a fully transparent process, which allowed to reduce the loss of accountable forms and fix the responsibility for the storage of each accountable form at every stage of the process of working with them.
  • Manual labor minimizing has increased efficiency by at least 50% and, accordingly, reduced the working time of the line staff by at least 50%.
  • The developed system ensured that the insurance product design functionality fully complied with the requirements of regulators and insurance companies.
  • A system of staff loyalty was based on real information about the system work.
  • The company's financial and analytical divisions were able to obtain real-time information about the company's work as a whole.
  • Thanks to the overall transparency and the fullest accounting of each and every operation in the system, the company was able to assess work situations in real time and implement operational solutions based on real data, not on speculations and guesses.

Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Rabbit, JavaScript, Apache Fop, Nginx, Linux, Big Data, Rest, XML.

Project benchmarks
  • Unit-test coverage: 99%
  • Duration: 20 months
  • Project team: 6 developers
  • Hours spent by developers: 5K+
  • Number of users: 5.1K+
  • Complexity: 7 out of 10