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We develop from scratches cross platform applications (Web - Windows - Linux - Android) having one or many key features we are really good at:

- big data handling

- database engineering

- personnel access and attendance management

- E-document and reporting management

- custom geospatial solutions (putting on a dynamic web map what you have in your database(s) and doing all kinds of analytics with that)

We prefer to focus at non-standard, sophisticated cases. 


We offer expertise in full-cycle business application development - from initial business analysis till testing and on-site integration of a project.

The aim is not only to deliver solutions but to build-up long-term relations with every client in case he needs outsourcing in future. 

Accordingly, good service in all aspects is essential for every project, every customer.

We take up a project only in case we are sure to do the job on time with superior quality. If we see any possible obstacles to that at presale stage, we inform the client and often do not even start the project.


Well-built requirement and risk management, planning, reporting and quality assurance procedures help us provide great results exceeding customers' expectations.

Customer's interests and needs are primary factor in any activity we carry out.

We use many-time testing and review for all important design and code elements. Ethical principles of the company and of each employee are in compliance with the industry's best practices. 

All information related which we gather from clients during cooperation remains confidential and NDA-protected. 


We prefer to rely on 100% understanding of a customer's needs and circumstances influencing the project. 

Therefore, clear, effective and proactive communication with the customer's stakeholders is a necessary part of our processes.

A dedicated manager is assigned to every project to ensure fast and effective communication via E-mail, instant messengers and phone.

We speak the same language with customers and are time-flexible in case of time-zone differences. You do not need to be an IT expert yourself to get a quality solution developed.