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Our specialization is development of web-applications. We have rich experience in developing both internet projects (starting with sites and ending up with complex portals) and web-applications for complicated business processes automation. All our projects are cross-browser, they are created with the help of cutting-edge frameworks and libraries.


A number of our projects was about creating desktop-applications for different operating systems. Depending on our customers’ requirements we can develop 100% cross-platform applications as well as applications that work with such operating systems as Linux, Windows, Mac OS, etc. We have experience of developing and supporting software for outdated, but still used operating systems.


We create different mobile applications that can work independently or use client-server architecture. Our applications can be a part of corporate solutions. Thanks to our expertise in information systems development for businesses we solve various tasks of our customers successfully. We develop software for many systems such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and others.

Main facts about us

Pay-off period starts within three months

We cater to our customers’ business requirements and offer effective solutions that help optimize expenses, increase efficiency and/or scale business.

More than 90% of the code is covered by unit-tests

The quality of work is our priority, that is why we built up not only a transparent system of quality control, but we also intensively use TDD (test driven development) methods in our developments.

9+ years of software development

We have successful experience of software development of any complexity: corporate systems of any kind, extremely loaded web-applications and portals, desktop and mobile applications.

9+ spheres

We have expertise in software development in such spheres as whole and retail sales, fintech and banking software, logistics and transportation, governmental sector, tourism and others.


Our service support managers and specialists are always in touch and ready to help our clients.

12-month guarantee

We guarantee the quality of our code and we correct any mistakes and omissions found by our clients within 12 months for free.

50+ successful projects

This year we are celebrating the successful completion of our 50th project!

7 minutes

It’s the average time that takes our specialists to respond to an incident

600+ technologies

In our work we faced and used more than 600 technologies and libraries.

98% projects

Are done in time and in the agreed budget limits.

3 stages of code quality control

In the majority of projects, we use a three-step process of software products release which allows us to minimize the possibility of error generation in the system.

500K+ hours of code creation

For more than 9 years of SMYT company performance our specialists have written more than 500 hours of code.

Quality control engineers

Because of high quality demands only 1 out of 1500 Quality Control Engineers is hired by our company.

1 out of 600 software developers

High quality of software development of SMYT company is proved by the fact that only 1 out of 600 software developers can be successfully hired by our company.

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Beograd, Serbia