Mission and statement

We like to use IT in real life and business starting with simple sites and ending up with complex systems that use such things as Big Data and BlockChain. At the same time, we favour sensible decision making and believe that every IT solution should be economically feasible.


The experience accumulated for the years of work allows us to take up tasks of practically any level of complexity and kind.



The management style of development process is defined by boundary conditions of every project by our clients’ requirements.


We treat our clients as a part of our company and we focus on finding real business problems and their solution.



Openness and honesty in relations with our partners help us build effective and long-term cooperation.

Software development cycle in SMYT

The kind of a development cycle is chosen depending on the client’s requirements and project scale. We have a standard cycle in the form of a clear scheme on the base of which all our software development processes are built.

SMYT principles of work

Quality and standards

Invariably strong quality of work and maximum correspondence to high standards and best practices.

Responsibility and negotiability

We are responsible to our clients and keep to our agreements and obligations.

Privacy and confidentiality

No information can be given to a third party without a prior agreement with the client.

Legal requirements

We respect author’s rights and follow the demands of different software licensing.

Honesty and transparency

Transparent partnership and strict keeping to anti-corruption standards.

Game rules

We always follow principles of cooperation with our clients and partners despite the work conditions and external factors.