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A company may have no qualified enough staff at the moment when a complicated development task arises.

Still, even once you find and hire the necessary experts, they are not an effective team yet.

You have to integrate them into your company’s environment before expecting any results.

Moreover, even then how can you be sure they will bring you exactly what you want?

This is what we do: deal with complicated tasks, deliver quality and timely results and take responsibility for them. 


Off-the-shelf solutions are normally drafted for an entire industry.

Still businesses take much after their owners: each company has unique features in structure, processes, customer base and product list.

No product will meet your demands 100% except a solution designed solely for your business.

Moreover, the more widespread an off-the-shelf product is, the less secure it is.

With SMYT you can get your ideas transformed into high-grade solutions beneficial exclusively for your business.


A key component in any software developing project is a professional well-built team.

Finding proper candidates, interviewing them and getting hired is a great peace of work.

If you need a skilled software developer, business analyst, system architect, QA engineer or another IT professional, you are going to spend lots of time and effort on that.

Why not delegate that to a reliable outsourcer?

We recruit best full-time staff ourselves and we can do the same for you.


You may get answers to the IT-related questions you get raised when running your business.

You may let your business processes, IT infrastructure and IT security issues be checked and thoroughly analyzed by SMYT experts.

You may use our recommendations to run your business more safely and efficiently.

We have overall hundreds of years of experience running IT infrastructures of differently scaled companies.

Try using this knowledge in a free due diligence session and take a decision whether it is useful for you.

Get a budget estimation

Need a quote or budget estimation for your project? Leave us a message with details on the task and we will get in touch with you in order to provide a quote.


What is the main reason to consider SMYT as outsourced developers for your project?

Along with product and service related features like quality and responsibility there is one more point.

We do refuse to take up a project if at any presale or early analysis stage we come to a conclusion that we will not be able to deliver a proper result on time for any reason.

Same refers to any other services we render other than development itself.

You are welcome to let us get acquainted with the tasks and their details and you may be sure that if we are in you are going to get a great product or piece of work.