Description: Functions and Features

Our customer is a company that provides operational car leasing services and fleet management services to its customers. The fleet management means that our customer takes care of the maintenance of client's cars. Thousands of cars are in service at the same time. The system keeps track of events related to each car. Via their accounts, customers create request forms for repairs and maintenance of their cars as needed. The fleet manager accepts requests and does all the required work to satisfy them. Customers monitor the execution of requests. As a backend system for fleet management, our customer uses the solution based on the product "1C: Auto Transport Management" (1C: ATM).

In addition, our customers manage their drivers, fuel cards, insurance policies, driver's licenses, medical certificates and other documents, file complaints, evaluate service centers, etc.

The project aims to integrate two information systems, ensuring their interaction and data exchange.


The tasks set by a customer for us:

  • to develop an interface for the interaction of two information systems that ensures a two-way data exchange;
  • to implement real-time 24/7 data exchange when changes made in one system are reflected in another one;
  • to improve the speed of data exchange compared to the old interaction scheme;
  • to communicate the information about cars, maintenance and repair requests, mileage, handlings and other data;
  • to inform customers and fleet-coordinators about repair requests via SMS and e-mail;
  • to record data sharing;
  • to provide the necessary level of data exchange protection.

Work on the task was part of a complex project to update the customer's software. Several development teams participated in the project, each of which was responsible for its task group. Therefore, additional efforts were required from all participants to work together and meet deadlines providing high quality work.

Designed and implemented data exchange software interface fully met the objectives.

The applied software solutions led to a high degree of work reliability, reducing the downtime of the system to zero. As a result, the quality of our customer service provided to their clients has increased its level.

Since the launch of the project, the speed of communication between information systems has increased by more than six times.

The development deadlines have been fully met.

The interface of information systems interaction has received a requested level of protection.

Detailed recording of the exchange results made it possible to quickly analyze and solve the problems which appeared during the project launch phase.


Python, JavaScript, Webpack, xml, nginx, MySQL, MongoDB, Node.js.

Project benchmarks
  • Quantity of cars in the service: 5k+
  • Average number of data refreshment per day:2K+
  • Project team: 5
  • Number of queries for car maintenance: 100K+
  • Hours spent by developers: 180
  • Complexity: 7 out of 10