Software description: functions and features

Our customer is a company specializing in the selection of highly qualified personnel in various industries.

As a result of the high demand for recruitment services, our customer faced the problem of efficient time distribution: employees had to spend a lot of time on routine and similar questions from applicants, which reduced the time for individual selection of candidates.

At the same time, the existing customer's website carried out only the exploratory function and had a one-page structure. As a result of our company's analysis, we proposed to create a corporate site with extended functions to offload the human resource staff from answering typical candidates’ questions.

It was decided to add sections for two areas:

  • For third-party recruiters: due to the active growth of customers, the customer actively uses the services of freelancers, in addition to its core staff;
  • For candidates - open vacancies section.

It was necessary to develop a simple and easy to understand interface, which would correspond to the previously adopted corporate style.

To administer the system as a whole, it was agreed to use the classic Django tools.

  • To analyze the customer's requirements and set a technical task.
  • To identify the technology stack and select technical solutions to implement the full range of tasks.
  • To analyze the existing business model of the customer's company's interaction with third-party recruiters.
  • To design and prototype software interfaces in compliance with the accepted requirements of UX/UI.
  • To implement a data storage and processing system using relational databases.
  • To program front-end and back-end parts, create an administrative part for recruitment agency employees.
  • To compile documentation on the basic system functions.
  • To train customers to use this system.
  • The introduction of a section for third-party recruiters increased the company's production by 2.5 times. Thanks to the flexible system of interaction between the customer's company and third-party human resources specialists offered by our business analysts, many freelance recruiters have become more interested in working with the customer's company, which has led to the increased efficiency.
  • The convenient interface of the created sections of the corporate site provided a comfortable and timely interaction of candidates with primary and basic information about open vacancies, it also increased the flow of applicants independently contacting the customer's agency.
  • Thanks to the implemented changes, the customer's corporate website reflects company’s scale and activity in the human resources market, as a result of which there is an exponential increase of trust and loyalty of our customer's clients. This has also led to an increase in demand for the customer's services.
  • The carried out work enabled efficient distribution of working time of the customer's agents, which led to an increase in the number of closed vacancies during the analyzed period.
  • In total, all of these factors have led to an increase in profitability of the customer's recruitment agency by more than 4.5 times during 2 months after the introduction of the changes.

Python, Django, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, jQuery, Bootstrap, django-compressor, django-constance, django-rq, django-ckeditor, djangorestframework, Fabric3, Redis, nginx.

Project benchmarks
  • Unit-test coverage: 55%
  • Duration: 1,5 month
  • Project team: 4 developers
  • Hours spent by developers: 450
  • Complexity: 5 out of 10