Software description: functions and features

Our customer is a German company that implements a complex project in the field of Business Intelligence. The project is a BI platform that implements aggregation, normalization, data retention in data storage for further analyses. The platform integrates data from a variety of sources: Google services, marketplaces and social networks.


The following tasks were set before us:

  • To integrate the BI platform with an e-commerce platform Shopify.
  • To integrate the BI platform with YouTube analytic services.
  • To adapt Amazon Beacon Web Server to work with web analytic system Matomo.

An integration with an e-commerce platform Shopify has enabled to receive, process and use the data on trading platforms customers, their orders and financial transactions for analyses.

The usage of Google, YouTube Analytics and YouTube Reporting services has enabled to obtain analytical metrics that reveal detailed statistics of views of individual videos and video channels in general, to receive complete information about viewing revenues, to get data on interactions with content and the dynamics of subscribers’ number.

Adapting Amazon Beacon Web Server to work with a tracking system Matomo, made it possible to use a free solution to collect analytics from the websites of customers who use the BI platform.

All of these integration solutions have become important parts of building a largely unique BI platform that provides customers with an integrated analytic solution that combines data from multiple sources.

The project used the most advanced technologies provided by Amazon's cloud infrastructure, making the solutions especially reliable


Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, AWS Secrets, AWS CloudFormation, Shopify API, YouTube Analytics API, YouTube Reporting API, Matomo Tracking API, Python, Node JS.

Project benchmarks
  • Duration: 15 months
  • Project team: 4 developers
  • Hours spent by developers: 350
  • Number of processed metrics: 200+
  • Complexity: 6 out of 10