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SMYT Ltd. provide comprehensive 2nd and 3rd line technical support for our projects and for projects implemented by third parties.

We can either arrange all support by our team or train your inhouse support staff at the same time.

Grow your business and do not bother of the technical side of maintaining your software solutions.

Our professional support team will let you concentrate on what is really important without dealing with software issues.


Maintenance, user-training and support of a designed and delivered solution are natural and essential parts of our software development procedures.

In most cases it is not enough just to bring in the software solution: one needs to introduce it to the staff who are going to be using it.

A trained team can use the solution 100% thus reaching the business goals set at initial software development stage.

We have this experience with our projects and have well-built training procedures for ours and third party products.


Along with advanced testing and quality assurance procedures we undertake warranty obligations for any product released by SMYT.

This means that however small is the possibility of a defect in our project it will be fixed for free within the warranty period.

Intitial reliability of SMYT products is combined here with our readiness to fix any issues as they are revealed.

The preset warranty period varies depending on the type of project and its complexity but we are sure you are going to be satisfied with it.


Sometimes when you have a working solution you need to get it amended that very moment due to changes in its environment.

There is no time to wait for weeks or months till the next update is released.

In order to provide proper service level to customers we have established s special support mode: 24/7.

This mode means that you will have our experts online 7 days per week, 24 hours daily to provide advanced real time advice, troubleshooting and immediate implementation of any needed amendments. 

Our support services

We offer full-range IT maintenance for medium and small businesses. This scope includes technical maintenance and support of corporate information systems, web projects and related back-end infrastructure. Support in 24/7 mode is available at special request.

Our customers are protected against unexpected product issues by comprehensive warranty obligations SMYT undertakes for each development. These obligations include analysis and localization of the issues with their further elimination. All warranty related tasks have top-priority in our internal procedures.

The standard warranty term varies near one year depending the complexity and the scale of a project. Support is a core element of long-term cooperation with customers and one of the key performance indicators for an outsourcing development company. Therefore, we spare no effort to get any maintenance issues solved as fast as possible.



Advantages of support by SMYT

  • qualified and professional staff on each support level 
  • fast ticket-processing
  • direct customer’s access to the ticket-processing system
  • transparent, timely and comprehensive reports 
  • customer can add tasks himself
  • single point of contact on SMYT side