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Smart solutions for business applications - this is what we have been doing for years.

Our key expertise is cross-platform web-applications for business automation, big data processing and security purposes.

Companies from e-commerce and marketing, accounting and finance, production and distribution industries are among our valued clients.

Simple, functional and reliable - these are the essential features of any enterprise development we deliver or integrate.

We have solid experience in serving differently scaled businesses worldwide.


As a rule off-the-shelf solutions are either extra-expensive or insufficiently functional.

Both categories are subject to hacker attacks from time to time which is crucial for key business applications.

Still, companies take much after their owners: each of them has unique features. No product will meet your demands 100% except a solution designed solely for your tasks.

Moreover, the more widespread an off-the-shelf product is, the less secure it is.

With SMYT you can get your ideas transformed into high-grade solutions beneficial exclusively for your business.


In industries like marketing, banking, insurance, real estate, logistics or distribution you have to go through huge volume of analytics and calculations prior to take decisions related to business development.

The biggest problem here is that one should process large databases which are linked between each other.

Not only process but analyze these data basing on the geographical location of the objects.

SMYT develops a cutting-edge new geo analysis tool with variable applications.

If you have related tasks we will gladly check whether the solution is applicable to them.


We offer our assistance in developing mobile applications.

This scope includes standalone Android apps or combined web & Android solutions.

SMYT team has experience in building scalable systems with several interfaces (web, Android, desktop) as well as client-server apps.

A notable point is that we also deal with integration between Android software and other applications depending on the customer’s requirements.

In case you have to process big data clusters with a mobile app, our team is the right one to implement that in a timely and budget-efficient manner.


There are domains where we have vast practical experience designing solutions as an outsourcing company.

It has been either development on our own or development as part of a larger team.

The scope is not bound to specifically these domains and we keep expanding this list year by year.

  • E-commerce
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Marketing
  • Geomapping
  • Finance
  • Analytics
  • E-documents
  • E-education
  • Web-portals

The qualifications of SMYT team are high enough to undertake development in any other domain and to run such a project quite effectively.

Since we ourselves run internal startups we have a deep understanding of startup philosophy and typical constraints.

Therefore, outsourced development for startups is a special service we offer.


Big data handling

A lot of business ideas and working solutions imply the so called “big data handling”.

There is an enormous boost in social media, SaaS applications, Internet of things and business applications for internal usage.

All these segments generate data which is as much large-scaled as non-structured.

You have to process billions of database records, systematize and analyze them, ang get results in various forms.

The more global a solution is the bigger is the data to be worked over. Really huge data amounts are to be handled in more and more projects and these numbers are increasing.

The point here is that there are many ways to implement data processing. But there are few optimal technologies and relatively few teams able to do the job with the proper resulting performance.

We at SMYT have such expertise and can process any loads of data for you fast and reliably rendered in the way you need: charts, Gantt diagrams, pdf reports etc or integrate the results with other applications.

Combined with our geo mapping skills and outstanding mathematical background of the developers this lets us offer you high-quality development outsourcing for tasks like:

  • big data processing features
  • geo mapping features for big data applications 
  • integration of big data components between different applications 
  • cross-platform cloud big data handling applications
We can take up either full-cycle development or get outsourced to a certain part of the overall job.