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IT consulting and audit

There is hardly anything more important in modern business than data. Moreover, this should be timely received and processed data. 

If you analyze your business processes you may see how they should be optimized to improve information throughput and to be more effective. 

SMYT experts make professional analysis of a customer’s company and provide a detailed list of recommendations on optimizing business processes.

These recommendations cover advice on software upgrades, IT infrastructure security and fixing existing vulnerabilities. Normally the analysis is made in several stages.

First we review the documentation and draft a general analysis schedule. Then our team thoroughly gathers info on the company’s processes, local regulations and other relevant sources. After that an in-depth study of the gathered data is held. According to its results the customer gets a report with our recommendations on how to optimize the processes of his business.

Basing on these data the clients can make accurate prognoses on further IT-infrastructure development within the company. We are also ready to assist in drawing up an IT-concept, strategy for the company considering all its peculiarities and features.

You can eliminate the pain points in your existing software, set up a transparent and logical IT-infrastructure of the company, timely take a decision on implementing new ERP solutions and thus boost the efficiency o the business.

All you need to go this way is to analyze your business-processes. Either by your own or with professional assistance.

Our background

We have been consulting several medium and large business exactly in this way: analyzing business processes and giving recommendations.

As we get a note on a problem from the customer or if we detect a probable pain point ourselves we provide recommendations on the optimal solution. The company's efficiency increases while the risks decrease after these recommendations are implemented.  

Besides, we deal with cases when a company contacts us with a request to analyze whatever they need in IT field for a certain software product.

We serve as independent external auditors to examine the source code, security aspects, UX & UI or other parameters being of importance for the customer.