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We specialize in project-based full-cycle software development for small and medium business and are dealing with projects in various domains including security, e-commerce, finance, marketing, corporate portals and enterprise automation.

Whether the task is an out-of-the-box solution or dedicated development outsourcing we are glad to provide you with quality results.

We do love challenges demanding great skills in maths, big data processing, geomarketing tools, security and telecommunication technologies as well as in cross-platform and cloud applications.


Our mission is to help our customers optimize and grow their businesses by providing them with unique quality software products for any applications.

We provide results and take responsibility for them.

We believe that software development process should be easy and transparent for a customer and provide the same.

We also believe that a client doesn't have to be an expert in development to control the process or sometimes even to set up a task. 


SMYT is a team of 30+ full-time in-house developers each being an expert in one or several IT domains.

People are our most valuable resource while teamwork is one of our strongest points.

Most team members have degrees in sciences with strong mathematical background.

Constant mutual support and effective communication within the team let us deliver top-grade results to customers.

The enthusiasm driving all our activities has led to launching several non-commercial educational startups.


Primary attention in the jobs we do is paid to superior quality level.

This is why our customers trust us and rely on us.

Multiple code review procedures are obligatory at all development stages.

Code review is combined with thorough manual and automated testing.

At any time we keep in touch with the customers and make sure that what’s being developed is in compliance with what they need.

The multilevel quality control & testing system lets us warrant the highest level of the rendered services.

Risk management in outsourcing

For many reasons, primarily because of high salary rates for in-house local developers and of the value for money offshore outsourcing is becoming more and more popular in Europe and USA.

This often makes sense, but to outsource also means to risk from a customer's point of view when you deal with an outsourcing company for the first time.

We will describe the typical risks arising when a company outsources software development, IT support or any other services. In other words what must be checked when hiring an offshore outsourcing team.


Cultural and communication issues


What do you expect from a developer when you outsource a project? We guess, it is a well-done job without delays. But what if it’s just problematic to speak the same language with your counterpart because their team has poor English or there are cultural compatibility issues between your point of contact? It may ruin all the hypothetical progress in your cooperation due to misunderstanding between the parties engaged. Or what if you have to haunt your numerous points of contact unwilling to discuss the pending issues?

Make sure the outsourcing company is able to provide effective communication.

Lack of value for money


It’s common knowledge that when you outsource development you risk getting too little. To little performance, too little technology, too little result. The code you get is full of bugs, the system architecture is wrongly designed and the entire solution crashes occasionally. 

Make sure you are going to get at least the quality you pay for.

Unsecured data


When you deal with an outsourcing company you share a lot of private information no matter what exactly project it is. Your business processes, secret data, even strategy - all this gets known to the company you choose as designers and developers of your solution. And how can you be sure all this info isn’t going to be disclosed to third parties?

Make sure your outsourcing company provides good non-disclosure agreements.

Poor management


Quality of the product you get depends not only on how skilled the developers are. Proper development requires genuine planning, effective team control and the right project management methodology. The outsourcing company you choose should have the necessary experience for such projects, otherwise they will fail. This is one of the most crucial risks you face.

Make sure your outsourcing company has proper management qualifications for a project you need to get developed.

Time zone issues


The essence of offshore outsourcing is that your partner is located miles away. In some cases this may lead to time zone issues: when you come to the office your opponent’s team are leaving theirs.

Make sure the outsourcing company is able to arrange time-convenient communication disregarding the time-zone differences and distance between your offices.


So, choose the right outsourcing team and get the results you want to get. We are not promoting ourselves as a one and only outsourcing company you may need.

We cannot since we don't know anything about your tasks and constraints.

Let us get in touch to check if there is anything outstanding we can do for you!


SMYT Ltd. is open to cooperative linking with new people and companies.

Whether it is technological or business cooperation, it will be mutually beneficial basing on win-win approach.

Our dedicated development clusters or single developers, maintenance and support teams, IT staff recruitment department and IT infrastructure consultants are at customers' disposal.

This is what we offer and this is what may let you or your clients both save expenses and gain more profit running their businesses.

In case you see commercial opportunities in your environment, we suggest good terms of commission-based agent cooperation.