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Web solutions

SMYT develop web-projects from corporate solutions for business up to distributed web portals and services. Primary categories of projects for us are e-commerce and corporate solutions, services & portals and startups.


We develop e-commerce information systems including both front-end (a website actually used by your customers with all interfaces) a back-end (internal part of the system invisible for customers serving to manage marketing and sales). For larger businesses we are ready to develop back-end able to manage many shops and integrate the solution in the existing accounting and logistics systems. Moreover, various partner systems can also be developed and implemented in the project.

Solutions for business.

SMYT renders full range of services for business starting from launching corporate websites till developing and integrating multifunctional information systems automating customer’s business processes via Internet.

Services and portals.

We develop large scale web-solutions with absolutely customized features and functions as per customer’s demands. SMYT creates services and portals including social nets, online services, information portals and news websites. Our developers have solid experience in designing heavily loaded projects with various kinds of scaling. Grid and cluster based vertical or horizontal scaling can be used in development. SMYT solutions can withstand high loads providing the level of performance our customers expect from them.


One of the most important activities for us is our internal startups, SMYT own self-financed projects. We generate and gather unique ideas with potential to change the world and develop them into ready to use solutions. Some of our startups are absolutely non-commercial. For example, the newly launched free educational service helps people learn foreign languages with little effort.

Our background

Our customers have got from SMYT many web-projects from relatively simple websites to SaaS startups.

There are more such projects than we may mention due to privacy agreements.

Still, we can say that among these projects there is a number of large-scale startups with custom billing systems also developed by SMYT.

We have practical experience in handling various API to set connections with third-party applications and payment service providers as well as with social networks.

The existing in-house team allows us to develop web-projects with hardly limited level of complexity.