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Custom development

Sure, we prefer to develop software ourselves from the very start as in this case we don’t have to handle bugs and errors of other developers.

Still, we may also take up projects on different development stages in case our clients decide to change the developer for a more reliable and efficient team.

SMYT have experience of audit and completion of projects with low-level code with further re-factoring.

After years of operation in this business and after lots of completed projects we have clear and effective procedures at all development stages.

When communication with a customer is still starting we spend a lot of time on estimations which lets the customer have precise time schedule and to make plans accordingly.

Management is our strong point and SMYT can take up high-level projects due to it.

Extreme attention is paid to the code quality during development.

For example, PEP8 standard compliance is mandatory when Python coding and middle developers’ code is subject to code-review procedures by lead developers.

Our background

SMYT team has huge experience in custom software development. Our customers' locations are scattered from USA to Australia.

We use Python and Java being real experts in Python development - 90% of our projects have been designed using Python.

Django framework is the main platform we use for web-development.

The technologies we use in our projects include inter alia:

  • Java
  • Python
  • PostgreSQL
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Javascript (jQuery, AngularJS)
  • MongoDB, Redis, Celery
  • Android