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Corporate solutions development

The ERP concept (Enterprise Resource Planning) implies that a a common data area is set up by means of integrating all companies management subsystems to optimize the way company’s resources are used. This concept is most commonly implemented via special software packages. As a rule, they are custom developed solutions for many reasons, primarily - to make sure they are in 100% compliance with the customer’s features and needs.

Enterprise data management systems allow to implement the ERP concept within a single company. Such a system is essential for effective operation of any medium or large company since it lets automatize most functions and processes.

SMYT specialists have all the skills and experience required for designing and commissioning of complicated corporate data systems for various domains. We draft solutions for electronic document workflow, analytics, finance, corporate portals, system integration solutions and other applications.

The enterprise solutions we design are absolutely customized, our aim is to draft a system which is completely designed for solely your company. We do not use standard solutions because companies are like people: you never find two 100% identical men. They are always unique and have special traits. Same refers to businesses. And we know how to handle that.

These are the development stages we normally have for corporate solutions.

Negotiations. The initial stage is to gather preliminary information, to get acquainted with the company’s documents, to analyze customer’s requirements, to estimate the scope of work, to discuss glossary and intellectual property regulations. Our aim at this stage is to get proper common understanding with the customer.

Business processes analysis. Here we learn as much as possible about internal processes within the company, local regulations, other local documents and analyze these data. If necessary, our experts draw up a report and a list of recommendations.

Prototyping. This means drafting a preliminary technical specification and architecture of the future corporate information system. At this stage we make a prototype of the solution. This prototype (mock-up) lets the customer clarify the requirements, to add or remove certain features. According to the results of this stage we prepare final calculations of the required budget.

Development. After prototyping is over our team proceeds with stage-by-stage developing according to the predefined specifications. Terms and conditions are agreed upon with the customer stage by stage. If necessary, we make amendments in the project or add new features and modules. When development is over comes multilevel testing primarily on our side and later on the customer’s side as well. If any amendments are required according to the testing results, we implement them as well.

Deployment. At this stage we launch the ready solution on customer’s site and migrate the data from the existing company management solutions. In order to provide fast and effective deployment we work out software integration scenarios for every company’s department individually.

Integration with third-party systems. SMYT in-house specialists are qualified enough to integrate a new corporate data management system with the existing local solutions with the company. We can do the same regarding external resources and applications. Various data exchange protocols are used here depending on the situation. If necessary we arrange datasync, postponed or real-time.

Training and support. SMYT provide full-range support of the delivered software solutions. We have capabilities to render 24/7 support. Dealing with corporate data management systems we conduct educational seminars and training sessions for the customer’s staff. Our professional trainers teach your personnel to use the solution(s) and provide detailed presentations on all kinds of topics related to the solution operation. After the developed application is successfully integrated in the client’s processes we are always open for new requests and are glad to improve the solution making it even more beneficial to the overall performance of our customer’s business.

Our background

Over years of practice we have had numerous projects of this kind. The practical experience of SMYT team includes solutions with front-, middle- and back-office solutions. 

Integration of a newly developed application with third-party solutions is a standard procedure for us since this task arises in most projects. 

Usually we have to integrate our solutions with third-party information or accounting systems.

We are not newbies in the business and know or even have ourselves faced the risk areas while implementing such projects.